I stumbled on a post today, which basically said the best way to retain a love of photography is to keep it as a hobby. That making it your job sucks the joy out…that making average images to satisfy average viewers makes it not fun.

And while it is likely that my best is still only average, what the poster was saying really resonated with me.

I recently took on a project to supply some pictures for something that an acquaintance is doing. I was happy to pitch in…happy, that is, until I had spent 20 hours going through and processing pictures for very little progress made. He has really really specific things in his head, and today I saw some of what he’s gathered together.

And quite honestly, I wonder why he contacted me to begin with.

He wants Disneyworld, I do realism. Sometimes that realism is pretty darn cute, but it still isn’t Disney.

I’ve never even been to Disneyworld.

He would have been better off with stock photography.

If this is a glimmer of what it would be like to make a living from photography, that post I read today is absolutely right. It would suck the joy right out of me!

lenny and rudy