My friend, Mary, who you might remember from my Florida visit and fantabulous coconut ginger macadamia nut carrot cake, started a blog on writing a few months ago. She’s been making a living from her writing for a long time, and a nice living at that. She decided to start a blog to share what she has learned about writing, about the industry, about all kinds of topics.

I have never (almost never) thought about writing a book, but her blog makes me want to want to write a book. And the information is so practical, so useful, that if I really had it in me to write a book, I’d feel like I had great information to start out with.

I know the blogosphere is filled with people who have dreams and aspirations for writing, for getting published. I highly recommend Mary’s blog (she’s giving information for free that most charge for)…and even if you’re not a writer, you might just enjoy her blog anyway!

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