It had been a long day by the time I got to the tidal basin area. The cherry blossoms were beautiful, circling the water. Throngs of people filled the walkway, but it was mostly a gentle energy, people there to enjoy, not to go anywhere. I looked at the many people on the steps of the memorial and couldn’t muster the energy to walk there. I’d halfway intended to circle the tidal basin and take it all in, but once I was there, I was less interested in seeing it from every angle, from looking for a picture. It seemed like everywhere around me there were pictures waiting for my camera, and classical monument pictures aren’t of such a huge interest for me anyway.

I walked towards the Washington Monument instead, towards the metro to go home.

And I somehow found myself walking through what felt like a magical grove, where the cherry blossoms hushed the world around me and made the green grass glow.

chery blossoms 2008

And standing there, amazed that the crowds of people were no where to be seen in this quiet grove, I happened to look above my head, and saw two little fabric hearts, intertwined, resting among the blossoms.

two hearts in the cherry blossoms