Yeah, I’m making that up, but that’s what today has been for me – pure goofiness!

I had to kill some time today between two appointments, so I stopped at Trader Joe’s and picked up: shampoo, conditioner, cat treats and wine. Those are the only things that I really get at TJ’s, since I can get better (and usually cheaper) produce at my organic market. As I put my basket down for the cashier, I thought about what an odd assortment of stuff it was, and that there was no food at all. But whatever, I did try to find seitan there, but they don’t stock it. They don’t seem to have tofu either, or any variety of things that I typically use. If they’d had them, I could have actually gotten food there to stock up on staples. But they have none of it, so shampoo, conditioner, cat treats, and wine it was.

The guy behind me just couldn’t get over it. He started talking about how I could have a shampoo and wine party tonight, that it must be what my plans were, and I mentioned the cat treats as well. He thought it was very clever, because I could serve mini “crackers and cheese” h’ours d’ouvres using the cat treats. This went on the entire time I was checking out! Finally I was out of there.

Then I went to the bookstore. I had a title I was looking for, except I couldn’t remember the exact title. No worries, they have handy computers where customers can look up books. So I approached one, and an employee immediately asked if she could help me find a book. But since it is a title I think I’ll recognize when I see it, but can’t remember the exact title, it only made sense for me to do the search myself. She watched me. A minute later, when she was helping someone else, another employee asked if he could help me find the book.

Geez! What are these computers for if not for the customers to use! Granted, I am weird in that I’d rather not have to talk to people. If I can go through the self-serve checkout lines, I much prefer it. This is probably a sign of an unhealthy society, but whatever.

I finally escaped to the stacks of books to do some low-tech title searches.

And then a few minutes ago my phone rings.

“Oh my god, I don’t believe you actually answered your phone!” said the woman from the unfamiliar number. Erm, that’s true enough, so I thought for sure I must know her. Wracking my brain for someone in the 214 area code…wracking my brain for where the hell 214 is – california?

“What’s the dress code for tonight?” she continued. At that point I realized that it was a wrong number! lol.

So I told her that I thought she had the wrong number. We laughed about it, and she thanked me for being so nice about it. I told her I hoped she had a nice time tonight, wherever she was going!

Goofy, the entire day!

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