The power went out yesterday, presumably due to some high wind. We still had hot water, but nothing else. It didn’t get too cold, luckily, because I’m a real wimp and I’d have been miserable. I treated myself to a bookstore excursion, where I bought myself a “book light” as well as a few books, and then I stopped at a thai restaurant on my way home and got some take away. And then I stopped to get some batteries for my new booklight, and decided it was probably smart to pick up a flashlight while I was at it.

“A lot of people are buying torches tonight!” the checkout woman told me. I was confused for a second, my mind in a different world, and convinced that she was saying something about not being able to take cards, since I was paying with credit card.

The frustrating thing is that only a very small portion of my block was without power. The people across the street, and everyone half a block away had power. My condo building was dark as a cave.

It was sort of nice. Tempest and I camped out, snuggled in bed as I read and nibbled on my bean curd and peppers and basil, candles flickering.

the scream, in wood