There is something very relaxing and renewing about having dinner with an old friend. All the transitions that don’t need to be said, because they’re already known. The way you can pick up in the middle of a conversation that never really has a start or an end, just the ongoing process of friendship and sharing.

This was a friend in town on a business trip, who happened to have a couple hours between the end of a meeting and the train home. I hopped on the metro after work, and joined her in Chinatown.

I don’t do this kind of thing often enough. Even ignoring the fact that I don’t have any friends in town at this point with whom a dinner like this would have been feasible!

Of course it helped that it was in the high 60’s, a hint of spring to remind us that winter is (finally) on its way out. It was a nice evening, all around.

windowseat in chinatown

This particular restaurant, and the seating area that Leanne and I seem to end up in when we go, is not for the shy. We sit right up in the windows, and it is sometimes hilariously distracting to watch people’s antics as they peer in. They must think it is a one way mirror!