Someone hit my blog a day or two ago searching “i want to make vegan friends in the dc a”, and assuming the “a” was “area” before it was cut off, well…I hope you search again, whoever you were! *waves*

My advice for where to meet vegan friends:

  • vegan meetup
  • Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary – either helping out on the weekends or at one of their three events they have every year. There is also a benefit walk/run on May 18th in Wheaton, MD.
  • Java Green, especially the third saturday of every month, since it is Compassion Over Killing (COK) benefit day
  • Helping COK out with various leafletting and tabling activities
  • Vegetable Garden on the first Thursday of every month, which is another COK benefit day
  • VSDC (vegetarian society of DC) has events often, which are sometimes/usually announced on the vegan meetup site also. For instance, this Sunday more than 50 of us are going to a mystery dinner theater (that is, it is a mystery theater where dinner is served) and vegan food is being catered in for us. They also have a book club, singles club, various other things.
  • sometimes in the vegan cookbook section of bookstores, and probably at Olsson’s Books at Dupont for a book signing on Feb 26 with Martha Grimes (PCRM’s Neal Barnard will be there also)
  • Asylum on Sundays (vegan brunch!)
  • Stickyfingers Bakery pretty much always

That’s where I tend to meet people, anyway! I’m sure there are other places that are good for meeting vegans in the area, and there are certainly other groups (not just COK) that have activism events where you can meet yet more people. A lot of them are more specific – closer to Baltimore or out in Fairfax – and I certainly don’t know them all. PCRM is here, and they have events sometimes – not guaranteed to all be vegans, but quite a few of them will be. Also, at least one person involved with CatsRule!, a feral cat group in Fairfax, is vegan, and I think at least one more person that I know of. Another couple people are involved with some of the different animal shelters in the area.

You’ll want to check out VegDC for a nice list of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in the area (plus co-ops and grocery stores) as well.

Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you around!

Oh, if you haven’t gotten out to meet anyone by the time August rolls around (and even if you have), head to the AR conference in Alexandria!

heidi at poplar spring