I was looking for a class on photoshop that had been recommended by my current photography instructor, and through that search I stumbled across a “photo safari” workshop. It is taking photos in low and mixed lighting, in the metros of DC! It is this Sunday, and I’m oddly excited about it.

Come join the Photography Underground by riding the rails with us on this 3-hour photo safari through the Blue, Yellow, and Red Lines of the Washington METRO System. Architectural photographer E. David Luria, director of the popular Washington Photo Safari, provides tips on low-light and mixed-light photography, taking pictures of the cavernous, vaulting ceilings at Gallery Place and other Metro stops, how to photograph trains coming into a station, how to capture the dramatic view from the escalator at Dupont Circle, how to photograph the landmark views from outdoor stations at National Airport and New York Avenue, and how to photograph passing scenes from a moving train.

Our Safari begins at Terminal C in National Airport. From there we cross to the rooftop lot of Garage C and photograph the Metro trains coming in to the airport station. Then we go into the Metro station, take the Yellow Line across the scenic 14th Street Bridge to Gallery Place, where we photograph the interesting station design. From there we continue to the new $100 million outdoor station at New York Avenue/ Florida Avenue, then back to Metro Center to photograph the artistically intersecting tunnels. Finally we end up at the spectacular escalator soaring up to the street at Dupont Circle on the Red Line. Any camera will do, all skill levels invited. No tripods please.

It will be good for me on many levels – we’ll be out taking pictures in crowds, inside the metro stops, from the trains, of the trains, and I hope that it will help me get used to having the camera out in crowds. Part of my current interest in street photography, I suppose! And since it will also give me practice on how to deal with low-light photography, I think it will help with some of my other interests as well. Pet portraits, and more recently, yoga portraits!

Besides, some of the metro escalators have been calling my camera’s name!

It is going to be a pretty much non-stop weekend, but filled with things I don’t often do and friends I don’t see often enough. A great weekend, in other words!

double rainbow

I was sitting at my computer not long after I’d gotten home from work today. The weather had been funky and changeable most of the day with clear skies in the morning and intermittent rain in the afternoon. After work it was pretty much uniformly dark stormy gray, but as I sat at my computer I noticed the tree outside my window suddenly glow in that stormy-late-afternoon-light that we get sometimes. I grabbed my camera and ran outside, trying as always to capture this the way I see it (always failing!), and once I got outside I realized there was a gigantic rainbow. It was so big, in fact, I couldn’t get the whole thing in one frame. I took a bunch of pictures, running down the street with my camera in hand, most likely looking like a crazy woman. (At least I resemble myself!)

It wasn’t until after I got the pics on my computer that I realized the first rushed pic had a double rainbow, which I hadn’t even realized was there at the time I shot the picture. Pure luck (despite the poor composition), because it didn’t show up in any of the other pictures, and might not have lasted long at all.

I’m not sure how well the double rainbow will show up in the small size, since it is faint enough to be almost more a hint than a rainbow, but you can look at a bigger size if you’d like!