Late last week I saw a robin hanging out, so I grabbed my camera and took a picture from my kitchen window. I wasn’t sure he’d stick around if I opened the window, so I climbed up onto the windowsill where it was clear (if not perfectly clean) glass with no screen.


On Saturday I had a friend in town, and we went to the vegan bakery, which has amazing sticky buns, among other things. They also have white chocolate mochas, and the people who make the coffees there are so artistic with the foaming of the soy milk! Last time I was there, the foam ended up forming a heart, and this time some kind of flower. So naturally I had to take a picture of it!

mocha foam in shape of flower

Then I went to a museum to look at an exhibit of paper negative photographs, and then I wandered through parts of the rest of the museum. It is a huge museum, and free, so when I do go (not often enough!) I see bits and pieces, never feeling obligated to see it all at once, and I leave when my brain isn’t taking anything in anymore.

I find it funny to take pictures of paintings, but I do it anyway of the pieces that grab my attention, so I can look at them again, and remember what it was that had me so enthralled. This one is a Monet that I don’t think is very famous (or maybe I’m more clueless than I thought!) but there is something about it that draws me more than some of his others that I seem to see more often in calendars and posters.


Afterwards I wandered around outside, and stumbled across a small ice rink. It was a mild day for winter – around 50 – so there were a lot of people having fun skating without freezing.

ice skaters feet

As I left that area, which was in the middle of an outdoor sculpture garden, I saw this interesting sculpture. It is an optical illusion, and appears to go in different directions depending on how your eye interprets it at the time. It can switch on you while you’re standing right there, but it is especially dramatic if you walk along the path past it. One guy who did this exclaimed “whoa! It really moves! I’m so dizzy right now…” It was pretty funny! I’m not sure if you can get the idea from pictures, but maybe it will work.

outdoor sculpture house optical illusion
outdoor sculpture house optical illusion

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