Last month I decided I really had to start taking charge of my eating habits. They weren’t bad, compared to most people’s around me, but I knew I could do better. More specifically, I’d been really horrible about eating greens of any kind, but especially raw greens in salads.

So I decided that I would try to eat some greens every day. I was not any more specific than that, not in terms of amounts or cooked versus raw, just “some” and “every day”.

I didn’t manage the every day part of the goal, but I came really close. Close enough that I feel salads are again part of my routine. I bring them to work, and that’s part of the reason I didn’t manage every day – I forget to eat salads at home a lot of the time! But I’ve rediscovered my love of salads, and though I started with a very small bowl at work, I had to increase the size of the bowl of salad that I was bringing to work, just because I wanted more salad!

This was a great feeling.

I also started making my salads more elaborate. A little avocado, some corn and black beans, just some extra things to make it a bit more fun and interesting. I made the “liquid gold” salad dressing recipe from “Becoming Vegan”, which is chock full of good stuff, like omega-3’s and is one of the most delicious salad dressings I’ve ever made.

I want to get back into the habit of green smoothies too, but in February I’m going to simply continue with the regular salads I’ve been eating, and focus on the development of a physical habit so I can let the salad-eating habit sink in a bit more deeply before adding more to it. Thanks to my trip to visit Mary (and Dave and Charles and Violet and Emme) in Florida, I was more motivated to get fit through parts of January. Mary’s really dedicated to working out, and it inspired me. Plus we’d go on long walks, and so I came back from Florida with a more serious exercise habit already started, which was really helpful!

So the last half of January was pretty good in that sense, but I want to cement that habit in February. I’m going to let it be a challenging, and set my goal at 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week.

Focusing on one habit per month is something I’ve taken from Zen Habits, specifically from the e-book, Zen To Done. Leo is so right – it is much much easier to be successful at forming one habit per month than it is to try to form several habits all at once! It might seem like slow changes are made at first, but in the long run the success is so much greater, and I’m also finding that the motivation and confidence in forming the habit grows month to month. I have previous months’ success helping motivate me for the upcoming month’s challenge!

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