I seem to have zero free time lately. I’m not sure how that happened. I wrote out today how long certain things would take so I could make sure to get it done, no fooling around. I even wrote down “get gas” to make sure I had it all in my schedule.

I hate schedules.

But I got almost everything done.

  • get gas (check)
  • write Luis (check – though I had to do it at work to have time for it)
  • clean condo (check)
  • make mojito pie (check; it is cooling, and must cool for 2 hours, so it won’t be tasted until tomorrow! boo hoo!)
  • do yoga (check)
  • blurb — this one I’m debating. Give up on sleep? I need to get back in the habit of good sleep habits, so I should skip this. But I’ve been skipping it all week and I’m way behind on that particular personal project, and it is frustrating me.

When I was at the gas station, I was really focused. Washing the windows of my truck, having a little fueling-the-vehicle zen moment, and this guy on the cell phone on the island thing between two gas pumps said something. Maybe he said excuse me as I went past him, or maybe he said hello. I wasn’t paying much attention, in my refueling-window-washing zen moment, so my response was automatic and didn’t really register. Which is maybe a sign that it was a not-zen state of mind, since I was mostly unaware of my surroundings! Anyway, the refueling completed, I put the cap back on my gas tank, and the young cell-phone wielding man said “excuse me” in that getting-someone’s-attention kind of way. I turned towards him and waited politely, despite that peculiar dread that I feel when I think a stranger is going to ask me a favor.

“Are you single?”

Okay, and that gets the award for question I least expected to have asked of me! Especially by a cute, fit, and oh-so-young man!

“No, sorry,” I said with a half-smile, feeling like I was escaping from the twilight zone.

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