I’ve been so unorganized the past month or so I haven’t been doing the weekend snapshot meme consistently, and I’ve missed it! So I was determined to do it this weekend for sure.

Saturday morning was, as usual, spent at the sanctuary. It was a cold morning, and since it has not gotten above freezing consistently for the past week or so, there was still snow on the ground from the last snowfall, about ten days ago. Quite a few of the goats were wearing coats, and even one of the turkeys and one of the chickens!

chicken wearing a sweater

She’s a fairly new arrival, you can tell because her feathers are sort of scarce, which is typical for the chickens that are rescued from situations where they were living in cages. Of course that also means she was shivering from the cold, so Terry took the sleeve from an old turtleneck and turned it into a sweater for a chicken! I have to say, the color looks quite nice against the reddish feathers!

The pigs, on the other hand, love this cold dry weather.

smiling pig

On Sunday I made it a point to go on a mini-photo excursion. There is a park along the George Washington Parkway that I used to go running at quite often (before my IT Band made running something I’ve had to put aside for a while), and I’d park in the lot for the Roosevelt Island. I had always meant to go hike around this island, but never quite got around to it. This weekend I was determined!

It was still quite cold, and sort of ugly in the way that things often are in the winter. I did take quite a few odd pictures of tree branches and footprints in the sand, but they’re probably interesting only to me! I did take a couple other pictures that were nicer. The path I was walking on had some pleasing turns as it meandered along the river.

path on roosevelt island

And on the way back to the parking lot, as I walked on the footbridge, I realized that the late afternoon light gave quite a nice view of the Key Bridge and Georgetown, which is what all those fancy buildings are in the background.

key bridge and georgetown from the roosevelt island footbridge

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend as well!