I’m finding the themes or lessons that my yoga teacher comes up with to be amazing in how perfectly they seem to align with what others are telling me or with what I know I need to learn or pay attention to. Last week it was non-judgement. This week it was practice.

We had a fairly intense class, physically, but it was also repetitive. It was a sequence that was not a typical one for me, however, so even that was something of a challenge for me. Doing the same sequence over and over was somewhat meditative despite that.

“There is a reason,” she said, “that they call it a yoga practice.”

I can understand that. It is also why we “practice” whatever art or skill. That’s how we learn, grow, develop. We can even practice positive thought patterns, and practice eliminating negative ones.

Which leads me conveniently to photography, something else I practice quite a bit! One of the photos I shared for the photo class last night was of Crackerjack, and I mentioned that the instructor had talked about taking out some of the sky.

crackerjack in the snow

I tend (as most of you are probably well aware!) to take close portraits, so that particular picture of Crackerjack was somewhat unusual for me. It was the sky that I was capturing as much as Crackerjack himself. But I did take a more zoomed in picture of Crackerjack, which is probably the approximate picture that my instructor had in mind.

crackerjack in the snow, closeup

And then I cropped it.

crackerjack in the snow, closeup, cropped

I did this thinking I’d come to a conclusion as to which I liked better. I find that I can’t, that they’re simply three different pictures conveying slightly different things. What do you think? Any favorites? Thoughts? Insights?

Another question is about the colors – the first picture I desaturated a bit. The second two I left pretty much as is. Any preferences?

You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version, by the way. Practicing some of the things I’ve been teaching myself at work about css/html/xhtml!