Since people seemed to enjoy it last week, I’ll share my pics and the teacher’s comments again. I didn’t like most of my pics as much this week – but hey, it isn’t every week that I get to go to Florida and have so many great picture opportunities! Though he wouldn’t complain if I used older pictures, I know he does want us taking pictures the whole time, and so I’ve set it as a strict rule for myself to only use the pictures I’ve taken in the past week. I need to get out and take a photo excursion this weekend, I think! Plus I want to go to the Ansel Adams showing that ends this Sunday.

crackerjack in the snow

That’s Crackerjack in that picture. The instructor really liked him, and we talked about whether to crop out the sky. I do actually have a picture that is more of a closeup, but you can’t see the cool sky things going on, and while Jack stands out more, part of what drew me to take the picture was the sky itself. So, a toss-up! I think the instructor and I agreed on the picture overall.

goat barn in the snow

He liked this one too. The really light parts of the sky I was sort of worried about and had wondered if I should crop them out. He said they were just on the okay side of almost being burnt out, so he was fine with them in there. He liked the composition of this one and the previous one. (He didn’t have that much to say about either, really.)

a fluffly chicken

This one I included mostly to show the “before” of a picture that was cropped to greater effect.

a fluffly chicken, cropped picture

This is the cropped version of the previous picture. He liked this one, thought she was an interesting chicken, and said I did exactly right on the cropping to simplify and cut out the distracting bright area in the previous picture. (He then talked about how his dad had run a hatchery, “producing” one million chickens a year, which was disturbing and which I really wish I hadn’t learned!)

tempest foot

He liked this one the best, which is oddly affirming for me (it was the one I liked the best as well), and he was pleased that I took a picture of just part of Tempest, and he encouraged all of us to do things like that.

So, somehow not as exciting for me as last week, but I have been encouraged overall by the way I seem to be on the same wavelength as the instructor. Which isn’t to say I haven’t learned anything, because I do feel that I’m learning things every week!

I’ll have to see if I can do a summary of the things I’ve learned in the lecture/slide-show portion of the classes soon, because it seems like it would interest at least a few, and I find it helps cement things in my mind when I “show” others what I’ve learned!