I had every intention of going out this weekend and being a shutterbug out of my normal milieu…in other words, somewhere other than the sanctuary or my condo. But of course it was freezing cold, and I just didn’t feel inspired to brave the cold. I mean, it is one thing to brave the cold to help out at the sanctuary (neither rain nor cold nor sleet nor snow…), but it is another if I’m not going to be moving around. And I guess I didn’t think ahead very much.

So I ended up taking a bunch of pictures of Tempest. She was enjoying the bright sunshine (which we haven’t had much of this winter), but it does make it really difficult to take her picture. She has white fur and black fur, and that means that when she’s in the direct sun, she’s going to run off one end or the other of the histogram. The whites will get burnt out, or the darks will be impenetrable. So I took some goofy pics instead.

The fuzziness:

fuzzy tempest

And a portrait of a foot:

tempest foot

This is something that I really love about digital – we can be goofy and take weird pictures and who cares! We can delete it or store it, but we never need to be afraid of “wasting film” by snapping the pic in the first place. I really do think that digital can help us learn more and get more creative faster than with film.