Dave is the husband of the friend I was visiting in Florida, and he requested to be featured in a post! And so here it is, The Dave Post.

Turns out I don’t tend to think to take pictures of people, or at least when I take pictures of them, they’re almost always simply the people accompanying the animals who I’m really focusing on. However Dave is not just Mary’s husband, he’s the dad of Charles and Violet, and so he did manage to sneak into several pictures.

dave, charles, and violet

Dave is also the one who set the table so beautifully and artistically the night we actually sat down to a take-out chinese food meal, the night of the pot pie disaster. I do believe he has some hidden talents.

table setting

He seems to be a very thoughtful type, and one who notices the details. Walking along the beach, where we took the dogs for their morning constitutional, my eyes were drawn by the progression of the sunrise over the ocean and the antics of the dogs. Dave noticed the sand dollar.

sand dollar

He’s also got this joy-in-the-moment thing (at least, that’s the best way I know how to describe it) going on that makes him seem like a little kid sometimes. And I do mean that in the best possible way!

charlie's name in the sand

A family portrait, missing only Emme, the cat:

family portrait

So that’s the Dave post!