That was the theme at yoga tonight. Mary, I know you’d approve of my yoga teacher’s choice!

This is something that is really difficult for me, and probably for everyone. I find myself judging things and sometimes I don’t even realize it until it is pointed out, either directly or through something (or someone) who challenges some of my thoughtless assumptions and expectations just by being who or what they are.

It is a tricky thing too. When I am not judging others I find myself making all kinds of excuses for other people where I shouldn’t, and that causes me to put the “blame”on myself. Obviously this means it is as much about accepting what is as it is about not judging what is.

Well, something to ponder. And practice.

rattlesnake in late afternoon

Doesn’t she have the neatest eyes?

What I really had meant to say above is that the judgements – internal and external – are connected.Ā  I judge others because I judge myself, and I judge myself because I judge others.