I’ve been really exercising a lot on this vacation which is both fantastic and ironic. Ironic because most vacations are times when we let the good habits slack. Fantastic for obvious reasons. My friend, Mary, who I’m visiting is really keen on exercising and healthy eating, which is why it has been so easy to be healthy (more or less) on this vacation. That isn’t to say we’re not splurging and having the crazy-decadent desserts, but I’m also eating other really good food, and I’ve been doing at least 45 minutes of exercise a day.

Mostly this has been going on walks around the neighborhood, and I’ve seen some florida wildlife on these walks. Most memorable is the turtle we saw on the grass next to the walking path we were on. At first we couldn’t quite tell if it was real, but then he moved.

They’re such fascinating beings. You look at them, and you feel like you’ve got a glimpse back in time to some of the Earth’s early residents, and yet they’re here now, despite the pressure we’re putting on their environment.

Mary also volunteers a few hours a week at a sea turtle rehab center, which I got to see today. Pictures will have to wait until I get back, since I had my big camera for that. On the walk, however, I had just my wee (jpg only) camera, and so I’m able to share this “so ugly he’s cute” picture now.

turtle close up