Last July I was in LA and despite my best efforts I never quite managed to get any sunset at the beach pictures, which was a disappointment for me. I was there for an animal rights conference, not just to have fun, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that the timing didn’t work out for me. Now I’m on vacation in Florida and managed to get some sunrise pictures at the beach, which makes me very happy. Sure it meant getting up barely later than I would have if I was going to work, but let’s face it – getting up early to go to the beach and see a gorgeous sunrise requires a completely different motivation, and one that is much easier to come by, than getting up early to participate in the drudgery of a job. Or at least, the drudgery of my job.

Most of the pictures I took were taken in raw format, which I won’t be able to do anything with until I get home on my computer. I did take one picture on full automatic (which takes most of the fun of picture taking out for me, but nevertheless can come in handy sometimes) so that I’d have a jpg I could upload to my hosting site immediately.

sunrise in fl

It was an interesting sunrise, because there were some heavy clouds along the horizon, so we didn’t see the big ball of fire rise up out of the ocean, it was some of the later sunrise effects that we saw. Gorgeous, regardless, and I think that’s part of what is so endlessly fascinating (to some of us) about sunrises and sunsets. They are always different one day to the next, even if only in subtle ways.

We took the dogs (rescued greyhounds, Charles and Violet) to the beach to run, and it is fantastic to see these dogs tear around the beach running just for the sake of running. Not because they have to, and not for a certain distance or at a certain time, but just because.

And then we stopped at Starbucks, and I was amused by the “the way I see it” on the back of this particular cup, so naturally I had to take a picture to share.

starbucks cup

I don’t think I’ve ever relaxed so quickly on a vacation! It is great. Work is a distant memory, and it is 80 and gorgeous outside.

Which begs the question – why am I inside on the computer?!

emmys feet