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I’ve been lazy the past couple weeks about participating in my weekly photo memes, but as I’m being featured this week for Weekend Snapshot, I’d better get my act together!

I’ve realized recently that I’m in a sort of rut with pictures. It isn’t a bad rut, but I have definitely realized I need to make the effort to get out with my camera to places other than the sanctuary! However, I haven’t gotten started on that yet, so as usual my weekend pics will be from the sanctuary.

Last weekend we were doing some serious work in the pig barn and while we were working near the entrance to the (very muddy) pig yard, we heard some very very loud honking. Some of the ducks that live there were having a procession through the pig yard on their way to the pond that is nearby. It was very cute – for whatever reason (I don’t know that much about these ducks) when they do their marches, they stick their heads way up in the air, so that combined with the noise they make makes me think of baton twirlers preceeding a marching band. Of course they ARE the marching band, at least the horn section!

ducks at ps

There is just one swan, Amanda, who lives at the sanctuary. Many of the birds at the sanctuary have come there because of broken wings, and so it is their permanent home. (It is a wild animal sanctuary as well as a farmed animal sanctuary.) There are others, wild geese and wild ducks, who seem to make it their permanent home by choice. I can’t say I blame them! Amanda lives at the sanctuary because she can’t fly. Usually she spends her days in the pig barn, but last weekend she was parading with the ducks. I was amused at the way she almost fit in with them. Same basic color, but she has that gorgeous swan neck, and doesn’t have the attitude or the volume! I don’t think she was making any noise at all, though I’m not sure if the others’ voices were simply louder than hers or whether she really wasn’t honking along with them.

amanda with the ducks at ps

The pigs themselves are clearly used to the noise – it didn’t disturb their naps at all!

sleeing pig at ps