This came up in yoga today – go into a pose with confidence; even if you end up in the wrong pose (say, if you misheard the instructor, did the pose you thought they were going to say, or whatever happens, as things always happen!), you’ll end up in a better posture than if you hesitate and fumble your way into a posture that you’re not sure of.

This relates to how we live our lives, also. We can never know with absolute confidence that the decisions we make and the actions we take will lead to what we wanted, intended, or anything good. We make the best decisions we can, that’s all. The inherent contradiction is that while we can’t know what the end result will be, it almost always ends up better if we make our decisions and take our actions with confidence.

Even if they are mistakes, when we look back. Even sometimes when we know almost as soon as we take that first step that it isn’t quite what we were supposed to do.

There are a lot examples I could use, but one of the best ones in many ways relates to cooking. There’s some saying, which I’m only paraphrasing, but which goes something like a good cook makes some mistakes in the kitchen. A really good cook turns mistakes into masterpieces.

This isn’t to say that we should stubbornly follow a path we’ve chosen with no reflection and consideration. Not at all. Just that we should walk with confidence, and perhaps even admit our mistakes with confidence.

Easier said than done, naturally.

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