Service annoucement of a sort: WordPress bought Gravatar a while back, and the gravatar service now works on wordpress blogs. Here’s what they say:

So we’ve enabled Gravatar support for all of

What’s that mean? When you have a account you can have an avatar by your comment, but now if someone isn’t logged in or registered but they have a Gravatar attached to their email account that will show up by their comments too.

This isn’t just for WordPress blogs, either. Any site that has Gravatar enabled will let you take your avatar with you. All the wordpress bloggers already know this (I’d assume), and as long as they’re logged in I imagine they don’t care in any case when they’re commenting on wordpress blogs! So this is for anyone else who might be interested.

sacred chow food

Rich, talking to that guy today about NYC restaurants has me in a serious Sacred Chow crave!