weekend snapshot graphic

Weekend Snapshot again!

My weekends very often have the same routine – the sanctuary on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays – but the events that make up my routine are never themselves routine, and so I continue to enjoy them week after week.

This weekend at the sanctuary the peacock, Edward, was in a very male kind of mood! He was constantly displaying, which is not his usual behavior at all. There are unfortunately no peahens for him to show off to, and so he was reduced to displaying for the chickens, who did not seem at all impressed!

edward displaying for the chickens at ps

In fact, one of the roosters (himself a gorgeous fellow) crowed while Edward was showing off. He ignored the humans, who were very impressed with his display! You can see from these different pictures and different angles how the feathers can look quite bland or extremely eye-catching, depending on how the light is hitting them. It was quite overcast on Saturday, so despite his best efforts, Edwards feathers really weren’t shown at their best!

edward from the side at ps

And since most people have probably seen pictures of peacocks in full display from the front, but not the back, I thought I’d show both. It is funny – as colorful as they are from the front, they wear quite somber colors in the back!

edward from the back at ps

Peacocks and those “eyes” in their tail feathers have fascinated humans for a really long time. If you’re interested in learning the Greek mythology version of how Peacocks and their feathers came to be, read about Zeus’ seduction of Io!