Social networks…should be a way for us to keep up with our friends, to stay connected. That’s what a network is all about, right?

I’m starting to think it is also about not needing to bother to email friends. At least, that is some of what I’ve experienced. Actually my very first experience was with that – a friend who would respond to maybe one of three emails invited me to sign up at a social network site so she could post messages and never have to email me personally.

We’ve since lost touch. Anyone surprised?

I had something similar happen to me recently. Some friends from the last place I lived, who I thought I was pretty close to…who I’d get together with for dinner periodically, who I made a point to visit with last time I was in town. I found out they’re pregnant. Like, halfway through their pregnancy. How did I find out? Thought an offhand comment to someone else on a social network site.

I suppose I’m that kind of friend – the kind who is expected to keep up with people via facebook, but who doesn’t warrant a personal message. I mean, hell, it is just a pregnancy.

I’m feeling out of sorts lately. And yes, yes I would like some sheese with that whine.

pile o' shit

And yes, that is exactly what it looks like.

Discarded chocolate mousse pie. Yes it is.