weekend snapshot graphic

Weekend Snapshot time again!

I was snuggled up in bed (the only warm room in my condo) processing my pics, and I realized that I have a bird theme for this weekend. These shots mostly aren’t about what I did this weekend, just a few birds I saw!

Late afternoon on Friday, we had clear skies and cold weather. There was a bird up on the telephone (or some kind of) wire.

bird on a wire

I’ve always wondered if the wires are warmer than tree branches, and if that’s why birds seem to like to perch on them.

This next picture is one of the birds at the sanctuary. Amanda is a mute swan (I don’t know if they’re really mute; I’ve never heard her make a sound, but she’s the only mute swan at the sanctuary, so maybe she’d be making noise if there were others of her kind around!) and she came to the sanctuary because she was injured and needed a place to rehabilitate. As it turns out, she can no longer fly, so she will live out her life, protected at the sanctuary. She spends the nights on the pond (all the water birds do – they’re safe from foxes and other land predators on the water) and then most days you’ll find her in the pig barn, snuggled on a pile of hay. Saturday she decided to wade in the icy mud puddles outside the pig barn. Maybe it is refreshing, though me, I’d want to keep my feet warm, instead of sticking them in icy water!

amanda at ps

Today was overcast all day, and I happened to glance out my window to see a spot of red in an otherwise white and grey world. A cardinal! He wasn’t disturbed by me going out on the patio to snap his pic, luckily!