I was talking to a coworker this week…talking with him is best described as a long rambling sequence with recurring themes, but done in such short bursts that it feels disconnected much of the time.

So at some point we must have discovered that we both like community type areas where you can walk around. For me, I like the area where I live – it doesn’t look like much, unless you like the look of something lived in, and comfortable, with a dash of history added for spice. I do! He seems to like the ritzy shopping areas, though he denies liking them for shopping (I do not believe him!) and claims that he likes them because you can walk around. But, for anyone familiar with the Nova side of the Potomic, if you know Clarendon or Pentagon City, you know the type of area that he likes. Me, I feel like they’re glorified strip malls! Ritzier, sure, but I like character, even if that means it looks a bit run down.

So. He mentioned a coffeeshop he thought I’d like. He was really adamant, actually. I was sort of teasing him, and would counter with “but I can walk to my coffeeshop!” And he’d sort of sputter, and try again to convince me that this one was different. Finally I relented and looked it up online. And it is different! It won’t take the place of my coffeeshop, but it will add something that has been missing for me since I moved from Denver – the chance for a casual listen to some local and not-so-local-but-still-fairly-unknown bands. I love live music, especially when it can be done on the spur of the moment.

So, I have to concede, despite the Clarendon location of this particular Murky Coffeeshop, I think I’m going to like it. I’m heading out in a few minutes to check out tonight’s bands. Here’s what Murky’s has to say about their name:

Now the burning question: Why call it “murky” coffee? First of all, the name “Murky” means different things to different people, and curiously enough, we hear people walk by our shop on occasion saying, “MURKY coffee? Why would I want to drink something called MURKY coffee?” Our response is, “Walk on. Go find yourself something that is boring enough to make you happy. Go find something that is nice and mediocre and has a safe-sounding name. If you’re that devoid of creativity and a sense of humor, walk on.” (no, we don’t actually say that to them… it’s just what we’re thinking).

Indeed, they sound like my kind of people!

teenage shoes at the metro