Last night at yoga class as we were getting our mats and blocks and blankets, the teacher asked two questions that she’d been pondering with some friends.

  1. If the intention is good, does the result matter?
  2. Do good intentions lead to good things?

I had an answer in my head immediately, but I let it simmer in my mind. It was there throughout the yoga class, and it ended up changing, but I thought I had an answer by the end of the class. I let it simmer longer, overnight, and I think I’m coming to my final conclusion. I’ll let you come to your own.

I can’t answer either question without qualifications, and this leads me to question: is it the language that fails us, or is it our own honesty that fails us?

Intention is an interesting thing. Sarah, the yoga teacher, closed by asking us to think of our intention for the next day. Mine related to work, and I believe I kept fairly true to my work intention. Deciding on the intention was somewhat empowering. It made me feel more in control at a job where I feel out of control of my fate. It changed the way I approached things, and there were a couple significant things, positive things, that happened today. They happened because I reached out.

This is tied into something I’ve been discussing with my therapist lately – confidence. How do you build it? It is one thing to recognize how we break ourselves down, but what then? Simply halting negative thought patterns doesn’t do the trick, not completely. Her take is that we build confidence by taking risks. That’s probably another topic for another day. Some things do best given plenty of time on low simmer.

nighttime snowfall