It had to happen sometime…

I am lucky – easy commute, and neither the traffic nor the roads were bad going to or coming home from work. Many of my coworkers were not so lucky, and had 2+ hour commutes instead of their normal 45 minutes. It was icy roads, not snow, that caused their traffic issues (accumulation ranged from 1-3″, and since it didn’t start until about 6am, it wasn’t snow accumulation that was the issue), and it was scary to hear about the many accidents they witnessed. Ah, winter.

Je deteste l’hiver, vraiment.

I don’t remember much french, but I certainly remember that phrase! And the vehement agreement of my french teacher!

Tonight I have yoga. I’m looking forward to it. Partially because I was not looking forward to the thought of walking in such weather as this. And then I remembered that I’d be going to yoga tonight instead, and I felt very relieved.

The irony? I’ll walk to yoga, and there and back would be my ten minutes. It is different somehow. You’ll just have to trust me on that!

first snow