Weekend Snapshot again!

I had a much quieter weekend this weekend, but when I looked back at some pics to post, I realized that I forgot one that I had wanted to post for last weekend! And since according to the rules, we can post pics taken within the past few weeks, I’m going to post it today. It was when my friend was in town for Thanksgiving last weekend, and we’d gone to the Vegan Bakery (Stickyfingers) in DC. I had gotten a white chocolate mocha, my little indulgence in addition to my big indulgence when I go there. And the way they did the foam was so cute, I just had to take a picture! And that is the sticky bun (the big indulgence) in the background.

StickyFingers mocha

This weekend when I was filling up to get some gas, I noticed this sign.

gas hour restriction

The gas station is in the county I live in, and thus the county I most often get gas in. I’ve never noticed this sign, and it seems weird that in over a year I’ve lived here, I haven’t noticed it. And I just can’t imagine why there would be a county law with such an odd restriction!

Finally, a pic from the sanctuary on Saturday. At the thanksgiving event a couple weekends ago, some people brought small truckfulls of end-of-season produce they’d picked at some local farms, and so the sanctuary has a lot of pumpkins and apples still leftover from that. We fed the pigs a bunch of pumpkins and apples, which everyone enjoys. The pigs have a huge sweet tooth (I can relate to that!) and of course it is very fun to feed them and watch them happily munch away. They’re very gentle animals, and when they take food from you, they’re very careful. There was a young girl helping out as part of a community service requirement at her school, and I showed her how easy it is to give them apples right from our hands. So that is her hand you see there (gloved because it was very cold!), feeding one of the rescued pigs a treat.

alex feeding appe to pig