Okay, I’m making it public – I have set a goal to exercise every day in December. This is part of my overall goal of taking better care of myself, and it fits in with the advice I’m taking of Leo’s from Zen Habits/Zen To Done, who says to add just one or two new habits every month.

I’ve decided that I will tackle one organizational habit and one health habit every month. Hence the exercise goal for December. I’ve been working on drinking more water and getting more sleep for a couple months now, and I am doing well with them. I could do better – I slack off on the water intake on the weekends, as well as the fruit consumption, and I also add in weekend lattes, so overall I’m dehydrating myself on the weekends! I was better last weekend – that was a conscious effort!

The thing about exercise, I enjoy it, I just have gotten out of the habit, so it isn’t something I dread. And with the days getting shorter, endorphins become important for mood stabilizers. A new yoga studio opened up near me recently – even closer than my favorite Thai restaurant! Which means it is in walking distance, which is a dream come true. Hopefully I’ll like the teachers!

Exercising every day might sound like a goal that is quite ambitious, but I’m defining “exercise” to be “at least 10 minutes of movement.” So the point of the goal, while helpful in getting in shape, is really about forming the habit, not about becoming buff in just one month.

squiggley path at ps

I find myself looking at the path that the horses, mules, and cows have worn in their field. It is sort of hard to tell in the size I can display in this blog, so check this out for a bigger version. I’m sure there are all kinds of physical landscape type reasons for the random squiggling in their path, but from a distance it looks like they have a fairly straight path from barn to woods, all except that one area of squiggling, whose purpose I can’t see. I’ll walk that path some day. It is always the squiggles that makes me think!

Three things for Tuesday:

  1. More work done on The Cave, and visible progress is being made.
  2. It felt good to set some goals for December, and to line up a goal-buddy to keep me on track!
  3. Chocolate chai rice dream!