Weekend Snapshot time!

I’m really enjoying doing these recaps of my weekend. It is a good way to start the week, remembering fun things over the weekend. For this week I’m taking a somewhat loose interpretation of “weekend” – mine started on Wednesday evening, since Thursday was Thanksgiving, and I had Friday off. So the first shot is a sunset pic for Wednesday:

sunset through bare branches

We had some oddly warm weather on Wednesday and Thursday – in the 70’s! It quickly got cold, and you can see how bare the branches are on most of the trees. My neighbor’s tree was still holding on to gorgeous fall color, though the wind we had on Thursday took care of much of that.

yellow fall leaves

Saturday was cold enough that when we went to the sanctuary, there was still frost on the ground! I was fascinated by the pattern of frost in this next picture – a very clear outline of the barn’s shadow! As the sun moved, and the shadow moved, the frost would melt.

barn shaped frost at ps

The next is Saturday’s dinner. A friend was in town from NYC, and in NYC’s Chinatown there is a store that sells vegetarian mock meats. Many of them are vegan, so he brought down a vegan fake salmon. I can’t tell you how odd it was to eat this. I think I delayed my first bite for quite a while, but much to my relief it didn’t taste like salmon to me, or have anything like what I’d have expected salmon texture to be. It was tasty, but mostly I tried to not look at it! I have grown to enjoy a lot of the mock meats (was way too freaked out by them to really try them for a long time), but most of them aren’t quite so elaborate in their mimic of the animal product. There are some really crazy mock meats at this place in Chinatown though! I really don’t think I could bring myself to eat some of it, vegan or no!

vegan salmon dinner