When Rich said he wanted to come down for thanksgiving, that was cool on its own, but I looked forward to it for another reason as well – I had two things I wanted to get from Ikea that were too heavy for me to carry into my condo on my own.

I hate that! But what can you do? Bribe a friend to come help carry stuff, of course!

So today was Ikea day. The first one we went to was out of stock of both things I wanted to get! What are the chances? Well, this is why I often go without key pieces of furniture. I easily decide it is less of a hassle to have no bookcase than going to a store a second time or going to a different store. Rich isn’t as quick to give up. We had the (extremely and cheerfully helpful) Ikea information person look up the stock at a couple of the other stores, and we ended up going to Baltimore. Luckily both of the things I wanted were there, and we were in and out of that store (no wait in line to pay, either, which never happens!) in about 10 minutes. Amazing!

So it was the day of Ikea. And then some good food – first there was falafel, and then there was a stickybun at DC’s vegan bakery, and then for dinner we went to this bookstore/restaurant that has vegan pizza with vegan cheese, and they also had this really excellent tandoori vegan burger. As is typical for Rich and I when we go out to eat, we order two dishes and split them so that we can try two different things. The burger was fantastic, different, interesting, and well done. The pizza was okay. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t fantastic the way the burger was. I hadn’t even realized that that particular restaurant was there until tonight, so if nothing else, it was an excellent find, and it is only about five minutes away. I’m sure I’ll be back!

The pictures are from diner last night. Neither are fantastic, but good enough I suppose. The fake turkey, from a vegetarian fake meat place in chinatown, nyc, was sort of freaky. I mean, check out that texture! Tastes really good though.

fake turkey

And then a plate of food, pretty much everything we had on the thanksgiving menu. (Notice the mashed potatoes, with blue potatoes! They weren’t purple-blue, the way I’ve heard some blue potatoes are, but they were very interesting, and they were local and organic!)

plate of vegan food at thanksgiving

Three things for Friday:

  1. I really like the hall thing I got at Ikea! And Rich helped me figure out the placement, and then secured it to the wall as well. Some things are just so much easier to decide with feedback.
  2. I was looking through the VegDC guide tonight, and realized that there’s an Ethiopian place listed that I’ve driven by and wondered at many many times, and which is about 3 minutes from my place. So nice to know that it has good vegan options. And….vegan baklava! I’m so going to overload on sugar by getting a piece of baklava sometime!
  3. A letter from Jesse!