Rich came down so we could make a grand vegan feast today. It was great – I’ll have to do some pictures tomorrow! The menu was something like:

  • Fake chicken and turkey
  • mashed (blue) potatoes
  • collard greens
  • candied carrots
  • cranberry sauce
  • stuffing
  • gravy

Before we made the apple pie for dessert I decided we should go for a walk. It had been an incredibly beautiful day (in the 70’s and sunny) and though it had gotten dark and a little windy, it wasn’t that cold yet. So off we went for a quick turn around the neighborhood. We were about at the halfway point when we saw two dogs coming up the hill and around the corner. No humans followed. They sort of hesitated when they saw us, but I crouched down and the smaller one came up to me. A little timid, but happy enough to be around people. The bigger one came close, but never came close enough for us to grab him.

Rich had his cell phone so he called the number (handwritten) on the tag on the collar of the little one we had grabbed. No answer, so he left a message. I have a fenced patio, so I decided that if we couldn’t find the dog’s mom as we walked towards my condo, the pup could spend a few hours on the patio while we waited for a call back, and if it took longer than that, I’d figure something out that would keep Tempest happy enough, because with temps expected to get down to the 30’s tonight, no way would I leave a pup outside!  As we walked (me crouched down painfully to keep a hold on the collar), we asked everyone we passed if they knew the dog. No one did until finally one person thought she recognized the dog.

By then we’d gained another person in our impromptu dog rescue, though she didn’t have much more than conversation to offer. The woman who knew the dogs was running around trying to find the second one (we kept getting glimpses) and when she checked the townhouse of the woman whose dogs she thought they were, the door was wide open, lights on, TV on, but the woman didn’t seem to be there, and her car was not in the parking lot.

By now we had four people in addition to Rich and me involved. We decided to call the police (non-emergency) because of the open house. We weren’t sure if the number we’d left a message at was actually her number, because that dog is a new foster, from what everyone said. The police came, checked the place, and said it looked like the door hadn’t been pulled completely shut and that the wind had blown it open. I was going to take the pup home (one of the other people offered to lend me a crate) but one of the other people brought her dog out, and when the dogs seemed to get along, she said she’d take the pup since she lived just a few doors down from the dog’s actual mom.

The second dog is still at large.

Long story to say – everyone we passed who we asked if they could recognize the dog stopped to really look at the puppy, and thought about the dogs they knew, and did what they could to offer us more information. We ended up with two or three people running around trying to help get the second dog, and a group of us all willing to do what we could to make sure that the pup we had been able to get ahold of would be comfortable until we could get her to her mom. The police officers would have taken her and dropped her off at animal control, but none of us were willing to let that happen.

We also remarked that we knew neighbors by first name, but rarely last names, and almost never did we have their phone numbers. It made us realize that living in a small community, we weren’t showing much community. How much does that matter? In the normal course of things, not that much. We pulled together tonight for these two dogs, and that’s something, at least. Maybe we’ll all think about this in the days to come, and make a little more effort to get to know the people we live with.

girl with chelsea

Three things for Wednesday:

  1. Accomplished the things I wanted to accomplish.
  2. Finished off that soup, finally.
  3. The smell of towels fresh from the dryer.

Three things for Thursday:

  1. Pumpkin cheesecake at the sanctuary, where I went to help out before Rich got here.
  2. Dinner came together so easily, and was a ton of fun to make, despite my wee kitchen!
  3. The people tonight, who did what they could to be helpful.