I’ve been talking lately about Zen To Done. It is an eBook I bought recently, written by Leo Babauta, who has a great blog, Zen Habits. Two of the things I like about the way he approaches things is that he strives to keep everything as simple as possible, and really he is trying to help us simplify our lives so that we make room for what counts the most for us; and he does not try to convince anyone that we can change our lives overnight. He focuses on helping us incorporate habits one or two at a time, and to practice them diligently for a month before adding another.

When I look back over some of the changes I’ve made (kicking the potato chip habit, giving up daily lattes (weekend lattes are still okay), drinking more water, getting to sleep closer to on time), they were made one at a time. I didn’t do this on purpose, it just sort of happened that way. I strongly agree with him that we’re more likely to be able to stick to new habits if we aren’t trying to change too much at once, and I also think that our success at one is such great positive feedback that it more easily leads us to the next change.

It might not work for everyone, and it might not appeal to everyone, but his articles are well worth reading to see if you can find something helpful. He also links to other resources on decluttering, organizing, and the like, so if he isn’t quite your style, one of the websites he links to might be.

pigs at ps

Even the pigs are getting into this organization thing! Look at them line up!

Three things for Tuesday:

  1. Part of the truck repairs were completed, and for way way cheaper than I’d have imagined.
  2. I still had some leftover black bean soup (hey, it is just me eating my leftovers!) and I was a bit tired of the thought of soup, so I dumped in some “corn grits” that are used to make polenta, brought it to a boil, and then simmered it for a while. It turned into something really interesting! Magic!
  3. I looked for and actually found some duct tape stashed away in my toolbox. I almost certainly have my dad to thank for that! And so I gave the duct tape fix that both Leanne and RubyShooz suggested a try for my vacuum cleaner, and whaddya know? I think it’s a go! I’ll test it out soon to make sure, but after duct taping it, I can see why people say duct tape will fix anything. And it doesn’t stand out too bad, because the hoses and stuff on my vacuum are gray. A darker gray than the tape, granted, but it’s not half bad.