weekend snapshot graphic

It is Weekend Snapshot again! I had another busy weekend, starting with dinner and a concert on Friday. No pics of the concert, of course, or of the food for that matter, but I did take a pic of the chinatown gate, which was near the restaurant we ate at.

chinatown gate dc

And then most of Saturday was spent at the sanctuary, which was having its thanksgiving event. This includes a few tables with a variety of fruit and vegetables to appeal to chickens and turkeys, and a short speech by the woman who runs the sanctuary with her husband. Then the tables were put down for the birds, and they happily gobbled up the treats. It’s to honor them, and it was nice to see over 300 people turn out. A lot of them are local vegans, but there are some who aren’t vegan, but who are maybe thinking about it or open to it on some level. Or perhaps they’re just curious as to what vegans do to celebrate thanksgiving!

celebrating rescued turkeys

plate of food at thanksgiving

This was my overloaded plate of food. It was a potluck, so there were probably 200 dishes to choose from! I took about a bite’s worth from as many dishes as I could fit food on my plate. Dessert was separate!

people with turkeys

People enjoyed being able to spend some time with the rescued turkeys and chickens.