I read today that it takes 30 days for habits to form. Not that you have to succeed at them every day of those 30, but that you need to try, and learn from the failures. I think it was about four or five weeks ago that I started drinking more water every day at work (surprisingly successful) and three or four weeks ago I started making sure to get closer to the 7-7.5 hrs sleep that should be a minimum. It was about five months ago that I kicked my daily latte habit, and a year and a half ago that I had my last potato chip.

Potato chips are evil.

Tortilla chips, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable.

plant on windowsill

Three things for Wednesday:

  1. Brushing Tempest.
  2. One day closer to Friday.
  3. I was stumped for a 3rd. And then as I sat here, Hilary Hahn came up on my iPod (on shuffle), playing Bach, and something about the music on that CD seems to have direct access to my neurons, and changes my mood almost instantly. I heard her on an NPR classical station when I lived in Phoenix, and I had to go out and get the CD even though I hardly had any spare change in those days. I had missed her live performance by just a few days – I’d have starved myself to come up with the money to hear her live. I’ve yet to see/hear her play live, but this reminds me that I want to!