Hawk posted a song he relates to, a country song about how he should have been a cowboy. I was immediately reminded of two songs I love, one of which has to do with cowgirls, and the other about the mystique of hitting the road, chasing the sunset, which reminds me of cowboys.

I’ve always been drawn to that image of the open road, being on the move. But then I’ve always been running.

I didn’t realize until I collected these two songs and thought about them in juxtaposition to Hawk’s linked cowboy song that these were songs with some serious criticism of the romantic cowboy image. I can see the attraction to the romantic view of the cowboy, but I can definitely relate to the criticism of it as well. I didn’t intend for this post to be a rebuttal to the romantic cowboy vision, yet that is exactly what it feels like. Even when I don’t intend to be serious about something, I can’t seem to help myself!

Food for thought, or just a couple of interesting songs. It is up to you!

Imani Copolla: Legend of a Cowgirl

Bree Sharp: Faster, Faster

Three things for Tuesday:

  1. I heard from a couple people, somewhat surprisingly.
  2. I had a funny conversation in the liquor store (I never imagined I’d live in a place with state-run liquor stores, but hey, they’re open for a few hours in limited locations on Sundays, if that’s important to you!) about a funny tequilla that has a green glass statue in it. When I went to look closer, a voice from on high, or at least from a few rows over, said, “they’re $60.” Erm. Okay? We had a conversation about it, and he seemed doubtful it would sell (I think he was the manager of the store), but probably stocked them for novelty value. They just came in this week, so he hasn’t had a chance to see if they will sell yet. “Essentially people are paying $60 for a little green statue?” is what I asked him, and he said “That’s exactly what I said to the rep,” and shrugged. But hey, HE is stocking them, and I didn’t buy one. I wonder which of us is foolish? It was 100% agave, at least! The bottle I looked at said “tranquility” on the back (they have different sayings on different bottles, I was told), but tequilla makes me dance (more even than normal), so it seemed a bad fit all around. Chamomile tea for tranquility, tequilla for margaritas. I stuck with Sauza. And rum for the soup.
  3. I ordered some stuff online, including cheezly. It will be interesting to see how it compares to sheese! Maybe I should order some sheese too, so I can do a side by side comparison…


Incidentally, did you know that Virginia is #1 in percentage of people who have vanity plates? Though I think this particular plate would be “informational” more than “vanity”, if we were to be picky about it!