weekend snapshot graphic

My weekend was a lot of fun, filled with more going-out stuff than normal, so this week’s Weekend Snapshot is easy! Friday was an improv comedy show, which was hilarious. It was held at a dinner theater, which among other things makes it easy for me to see. I’m very short, and in normal theaters I normally can’t see. Even when they arrange the seating so that supposedly everyone can see, it is inevitable that one of the tallest people will find the shortest people and sit right in front of them. That would be in front of me. They even look around, scoping the place out, apparently to make sure that all the short people are covered. I spend my life peering around people’s shoulders, foiled by the random shifting of the tall big-haired people in front of me.

Anyway. I didn’t have that problem on Friday. I sat near the front, and even if someone had been about eight feet tall, I don’t think they could have blocked my view. For once. Plus I was able to have a drink and some chips and salsa during the show, which is aways a bonus. The improv group was really good, they’d be monitoring the audience and if their jokes weren’t working for us, they’d move on, so even the parts that weren’t very funny didn’t last long. Mostly they were extremely funny, so it was definitely worth the reasonable ticket price!

marquee for improv

Saturday was spent at the sanctuary, as usual. It was colder than it has been since the spring, which is to be expected – it is fall going on winter, after all. Doesn’t mean I have to like it! It was also weird weather. It didn’t rain, but it smelled like it was going to, and the sky was a funky stormy color. It looked dramatic with an old dead tree, and properly fall-ish with a cart of pumpkins. The pumpkins will be used as decoration during the compassionate thanksgiving event next Saturday, and they’ll later be fed to the pigs, who adore pumpkins. They have a definite sweet tooth!

pumpkins and dead tree and stormy sky

Sunday I saw a very cute cat as I walked to the coffeeshop. I will keep my eye out for this cat. He or she looked very well groomed and nourished, and not quite skittish enough to be a feral (though I’m not an expert on these things), but there was no collar.

stray cat

Three things for Sunday:

  1. Though Tempest woke me up at 7:30, after I fed her I was able to go back to sleep for as long as I felt like. Which was a few more hours, since I’d gotten in pretty late and was feeling lazy. I have only one day a week (at best) when I can sleep as much as I want, and while I’ve been doing a lot better about not getting into the sleep deprivation hole, it is still so nice to not have to get up by a certain time!
  2. I enjoyed walking to the coffeeshop. It is not an unusual thing for me to walk to the coffeeshop, but I really enjoyed it today. I noticed things. The sunlight, breathing, the feel of my shoes, the fact that my heel didn’t hurt. I was taking powerful purposeful strides (or so I imagined) and I felt like I could roar.
  3. I made a black bean soup. Easy and yummy, and I enjoy cooking, so it was good all around.