Almost without question. Vampire electronics, that is.

The latest estimates show 5 percent of electricity used in the United States goes to standby power, a phenomenon energy efficiency experts find all the more terrifying as energy prices rise and the planet warms. That amounts to about $4 billion a year.

The percentage could rise to 20 percent by 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

So…you can save money and save energy at the same time. No brainer, right? Right.

tempest shadow

Three things for Saturday:

  1. My time at the sanctuary was good. I had a lot of alone time, which I think I have too much of anyway, but alone time is different when you’re surrounded by the quiet snuffling of pigs as they eat their food, and the snoring breathing of Peony, who always sounds like she’s snoring if she has her head down because of that lung infection she had as a baby. And then Aubrey coming up to me and leaning on me lightly (pigs are not small animals; Aubrey is probably 500-600 lbs!) so she could get her back scratched. Caroline the cow mooing grumpily because she wanted more food, Carlyle the cow blocking one of the pig gates so I’d have to give him a few minutes of loving before spending a few minutes pushing him so he’d move one of his feet so I could get out the gate. (I’m not very insistent with them, so I imagine they can’t tell the difference between me petting them and me pushing on them.) Hickory the sheep running up to me (he’s not a typical sheep in that way) so he could get some attention. I spent a few minutes with the five baby chickens, who are growing up so fast! But they’re still small enough that I could pick one up and put it on my arm, and they’re so light you can hardly feel them as they treat you like a perch. Such sweeties.
  2. The ani concert. Amazing. She is amazing, the music was fantastic, she draws amazing musicians around her, and I’m so glad I was there.
  3. Buddy Wakefield. I’d never heard of him, but he’s probably better known than I think. He’s apparently won some national poetry slam competitions, and he was amazing.