I was collapsing under the pressure
of the tears that weren’t quite
she looked and me
and saw it all with a glance
the shame drew my eyes down
or maybe it was disappointment


panic as flowers grew
watered by my tears
crushed by the weight
of the air I couldn’t take
“Breathe” she said
and so I did


feeling the breath moving
through the tight places
around the blocks
“find your edge” he said
but I was the edge
or maybe I was a perfect sphere
of unknowable weight
I needed to cry
and so I did


peeking through the flowers
drowning in the fear
of tears without end
without cause
and thus without cure
“Breathe” she said
and so I did


sheep at ps

Three things for Thursday:

  1. The dawn sky was gorgeous on the way to work.
  2. I noticed the smell of the teas I was drinking, and they made me smile. (vanilla chai, and red zinger)
  3. Talked to PB about “Blood Diamonds” and capitalism and social justice for a bit at work today. Completely unexpected, and absolutely nice.