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Yes, I have joined something again. It is like a sickness.

This is a (hopefully) inspiring thing, though. It is essentially taking the energy we have or we create by caring about others and turning it into action.

For anyone who has taken action in the past, you know that this gives us more in return than we ever lay out to begin with. Which isn’t to say you can’t get burnt out, because of course you can. But this is one action, one day. Do something. And then blog about it on December 17, 2007. Easy as anything. Easy as one simple unselfish action.

goats at ps

Three things for Wednesday:

  1. The way Tempest stretches out her front two legs when she’s curled up on her side and I pet her.
  2. Getting a compliment from someone who is not usually effusive with complements.
  3. An Aurgasm moment – loved Wednesday’s “Little Dragon”.