Comics. Jar of Fools. There’s a Part 1 and Part 2.

Someone (my splinter) sent them to me with a brief note saying they were some of the best written comics in his opinion. No explanation as to why it received such praise from him. And I think it needs an explanation. He’s really into comics. I’m not a comic expert or much of a fan, which isn’t to say I dislike comics, just that I haven’t read many and so I have little to compare them with. I’ve read: V for Vendetta, Pride of Baghdad, and one of the Sandman comics. They’re all quite different, and I guess I could see for any of the others why he’d think they were among the best written. There’s nothing wrong with JoF, the story is compelling in a subtle way, but…no, I don’t get it. Not an “among the best” statement, I just don’t see it. This has become a splinter of its own.

Anyone a comic kind of person? Read Jar of Fools? Enlightenment available to be offered?

Maybe it is a joke, and I am the Fool. Then again, I think that was a given!

jar of fools

And no, I can’t ask the splinter himself.

Three positive things for Tuesday:

  1. Orange soy mocha, no whip.
  2. Leaving work for 2 hours in the middle of the day, during which I met a friend and had the aforementioned mocha.
  3. I had a commiserating conversation with one of my podmates, which made me feel better in that misery-loves-company sort of way.

I’m feeling the patheticness of those 3 positive things. All I can say is that it is tough to be positive during the week when you hate your job. I’m still trying.