Have you ever had that person who just gets to you? Burrows into your mind and just won’t leave your thoughts despite there being absolutely no reason for them to stay? Of course you have. At least, I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t experienced that. Or maybe I’m just messed up more than most.

Regardless, I came up with the perfect way to describe this phenomenon, and it happens to be perfect for a country song title, so for anyone who has experienced this, maybe you can help me finish up the song. Rich helped me get started, though there’s one line I really have to get rid of!

Splinter in my mind

He’s a splinter in my mind
And I can’t find any tweezers
That splinter is hurting and I need it free
When that splinter is free I will marry a fine stallion
But with that splinter in my mind all I want is a tweeze.

I just can’t get down with marrying a stallion, fine or not! You can already see this is going to be lyrics à la Johnny Cash, but there are worse things they could be!

I was curious and so I did a search to see if there was a country song by this title already (it just seemed likely!), and while I didn’t find a country song, I was reminded that it is a term that Morpheus used in the Matrix when talking to Neo before Neo was removed from the Matrix. I don’t remember the scene exactly, I think it was either Morpheus on the cell phone to Neo, or maybe leading up to the red pill, blue pill choice. I managed to find a techno-ish song that has some of the dialog.

So, anybody have any splinter lyrics they want to share? Maybe the process of turning it into a song will do the tweezing!

Three positive things for Monday:

  1. Tempest and I got in some good play time, which we both needed.
  2. PB (who is not my splinter) winked at me at work. I’m not entirely sure this is a positive thing, but I’m struggling with 3 positive things at the moment, and it did make me laugh.
  3. I wasn’t feeling great, and decided to open up a can of whoop ass on that mood. I got some stuff done, including some minor work on the cave, and I did some yoga…end result: the mood is mostly kicked!

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