I didn’t do much interesting this weekend other than go to the sanctuary. I go to the sanctuary almost every weekend, however, and while I take pictures every time I’m there, I still had to think of an aspect of the sanctuary that seems specific to now to share for this week’s weekend snapshot. Self-imposed thing, I guess, but it is just too easy to always post pics of the many animals I’m totally in love with!

As I looked over some of my pictures, I realized that I had a fall theme going on. There are the fall colors as well as the fall behavior of various birds.

This one was taken near the gate to the sanctuary. I’d describe it as a random texture type of picture, since the overall colors and shape of the tree branches caught my eye, but it otherwise doesn’t have a specific subject.

tree near gate to ps

This next one was taken on the long driveway leaving the sanctuary. Just trees showing their fall colors.

fall trees at ps

And then the next one is of a line of pigeons on the barn roof. This is less obviously a fall picture, but despite pigeons being a somewhat ubiquitous part of the landscape, fall is when they have less food, and so they start to gather on the roofs of the barns waiting to steal the crumbs left behind by the other sanctuary residents. The geese and ducks just get right in the yard with the pigs!

pigeons on roof at ps

Finally we have geese.

geese at ps