Don tagged me with this meme to post a song that best describes me. There was one in particular that popped immediately into my mind, but I took some time to think about it because I don’t feel like the same person I was even six months ago. So, does it still fit? I think it does, but that makes me wonder if it fit as well before as I thought it did. Or maybe it doesn’t fit as well now as I think it does. Or maybe this is something I’ll never be able to answer. Nonetheless, I think this is my song. ani difranco’s “Not a pretty girl”.

Who to tag next? I’m going to go with Mother Wintermoon, if she’s in the mood for it! But really, anyone who is interested in participating, I’d love to see what everyone would post, because I love music, and it is both fun and interesting to see what resonates with everyone!


I also need to catch up on my three things. For Saturday:

  1. At the sanctuary one of the roosters, Speedy, pecked at me. This is standard Speedy behavior, and I’ve always thought he was just an ornery rooster. I said something to Dave, one half of the couple who runs the sanctuary, and he said that Speedy was just trying to get some attention (much like a 4 year old acting up!). I scoffed at this, but he picked Speedy up and put him in my arms. After Speedy didn’t peck at me, which I admit surprised me, I pet him and he fell asleep as we stood in the sun. There were many things beautiful about these moments, not the least which was that it made me reevaluate and remember that outward impressions aren’t always what is at the heart. Speedy went straight from being a chicken I avoid to being one of my favorites.
  2. During this, one of the other volunteers said it was too bad that no one else had a camera because it was so cute to see Speedy asleep in my arms. I actually let someone take my picture…in fact, I encouraged it. You’d have to know me to understand just how out of character this was of me. And I like the picture. I’ve even shared it with someone.
  3. Grocery shopping later: Silk Nog and Vitasoy Peppermint Chocolate. In other words, the two things I actually like about the giftmas season!

Okay, and now for Sunday:

  1. An extra hour of sleep.
  2. I had a task I’d been avoiding. I had something I needed to return, a task that is oddly difficult for me. (well, oddly in the sense that most people don’t seem to have any issues with it, however it isn’t odd for me to have issues with it!) I had only 3 more days in the return period, and it really was today or never. I lugged this thing to my truck, went to the store, made my way to the return desk, waited in line, made my return…easy! Okay, obviously it should always be that easy, and it is pretty much always that easy, but I mean that mentally it was easy. Not being depressed is such a novelty for me at this point, and this is one of the ways it comes out.
  3. The sunlight was gorgeous this morning. I took some pictures of the Tempest as she lounged on her double wide cat scratcher. Happiness.

tempest portrait