I have homework from my therapist: every night before I go to bed, I’m to write three positive things. Big, small, silly, or significant. Three positive things. I might include them in my posts for a while, to make sure I don’t fake it.

  1. This didn’t happen today, but it still makes me happy – I got my new lens in the mail yesterday, an absurdly large lens that I’ve been thinking of for ages, which I knew I’d get eventually. I decided that eventually could be now, and so I got it. I am not sure whether I should feel silly for spending so much money on photography, or to see it as: I’m worth it. I don’t spend money on much else in my life, but it is still hard to be extravagant on myself when there is so much need in the world. Then again, not even for the price of this lens could I have saved the world.
  2. This also is something I did yesterday, but which I’m enjoying today – I cleaned my condo. Simple, big deal, right? Well, it is more than that for me, but regardless, I’m enjoying the hell out of my bright cheerful condo (funny how it seems brighter and more cheerful when I’ve just cleaned it) and I like that I did it.
  3. It is Friday. Not only is it friday, I’m not at work. Not only is it Friday and I’m not at work, it is Thai Night in my world, and I will walk to my favorite Thai restaurant soonish and they’ll smile and say “Panang Tofu, no fish sauce?” I love them, they seem happy to see me, and I’ll come home to have my favorite Thai dish from my favorite Thai restaurant (at least in this area) and I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate, and since I’ve already written this post, I will be more or less obligation free.

I’m about to do Yoga now too, so I’ll be footloose and fancy free AND relaxed and happy by the time I come back from the Thai restaurant.

canon cannon

Ridiculous, isn’t it?