I was reading about the feral cats at JFK and about the Port Authority suddenly deciding it was some kind of risk to humans (despite all evidence to the contrary) and removing feral cats that people have been taking care of for years. The P.A. insists on dropping the cats off at the shelter, knowing it is a death sentence for ferals. Apparently the P.A. isn’t on board with NYC’s goal of becoming a no-kill city. The P.A. says that the cat food attracts birds. JFK is right near the ocean, so guess why the gulls are there? Not for the cat food, which is eaten up quickly by the feral cats in any case. P.A. says they’ve never heard of TNR (trap neuter release, a method for controlling and reducing feral numbers, proven effective over and over until it really doesn’t need to be questioned), though there are emails to and from the P.A. that prove otherwise.

It got me thinking about feral cats, and what exactly it is about them that make people want to kill them. Shy, skittish creatures who help control the populations of other animals that humans don’t like to have around, yet which are too small to be of any danger to humans themselves. They don’t eat much, they don’t take up much space, they certainly don’t compete with humans for anything that humans think is important. Except maybe cuteness, which cats win over humans everyday. I really can’t come up with any answers.

Humans perplex me more often than not, so big surprise there.

Here’s a trick question for you – which of the following cats was a feral or lived on the street before being rescued?

tempest and sparkly toy