weekend snapshot graphic

I joined the Weekend Snapshot group and today is my first day posting my weekend snapshots. I actually had plans this weekend to take a short road trip to view some covered bridges from the 1850’s, so it was perfect timing!

There were three about an hour from me, and it was a gorgeous day for pics – sunny and pleasant, with the trees showing their fall colors (finally).

loy's station bridge

This was Loy’s Station Bridge, built in 1848. It is about 12 feet tall and 90 feet long.

The next one is the Utica Mills Bridge, built in 1850. It isn’t as tall, but it is about 100 feet long.

utica mills bridge

As pretty as the bridges were, I was more fascinated with the old engineering.

utica mills bridge interior

And of course the typical stream that these old bridges were crossing!

stream near roddy's mill bridge