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Practical seemed both challenging and easy. There are so many practical things in this world, but do they catch our eye? It is an interesting challenge to see the beauty in every day things, but I think much of what I find interesting even in everyday things isn’t necessarily practical!

But, I was off to the sanctuary again this morning, and though it was a rather large challenge to get there with part of a road closed for a race, no detour signs, no GPS, no idea how to get around the mess, I was determined. I managed to get directions, remember them, follow them, and I arrived only 30 minutes after I’d intended to!

One of the things that has always struck me at the sanctuary are the water pumps and water buckets, and how each has been designed to accommodate the other. The little bump on the end of the water pump’s spout, just before it turns downward, lets you hang the water bucket by the handle without trying to hold up…how many pounds of water? And the water buckets themselves are designed to be flat on one side, both to make them sit flush against the wall as well as to make it easier to use the water pump to fill them with water. And the handles are long enough to make it all work.

Yes, I’m fascinated! And at the sanctuary, the water buckets are also equipped with mice ladders. These are simple pieces of metal with holes in them, bent to be able to be hung over the lip of the water bucket and into the water. If mice fall in, which they sometimes do, they can climb right back out.

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