I lost one of my favorite rings.  I’ve had it for years, bought it at a fair in Denver by people who made it themselves. It was a simple thing, I don’t go for fancy, but I loved it, and I miss it and I don’t remember losing it. I don’t take my rings off at all, so I feel very lost!

And then I lost a post or two tonight, because WordPress is eating them! I went to the wordpress forums, and someone mentioned using offline post editors, and so I’m giving it a try.  There don’t seem to be many for Macs, but Qumana is, and I’m using it now, and it looks good so far. It has, on initial use, everything I would be able to do in wordpress’ editor.

And while it doesn’t seem important to me right now, I will have copies of my post off line.  Well, it never hurts to try new things! Maybe I’ll have an easier time concentrating on what I’m writing instead of getting distracted by all the other things I have open in the many tabs I always have open.

And I’m not sure why, but someone found my blog searching bad cramp second toe.  I can’t imagine what they found!  Someone else found me searching for vegan banana pancakes. At least they got exactly what they were looking for! Unless it was me, making pancakes for them, or pictures of the pancakes. But they got a song too! That should count for something!


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